AirMiles paid off

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Last year there was some bad press for Air Miles. It seems like every time we turn on the news some large company is having a public relations problem. Most recently it was Pepsi and United Airlines.

Usually something good comes out of this negative press. Corporations often change their policies in favour of consumers. In the case of Air Miles, they cancelled their controversial plan to have unused collected miles expire. That was great news to many collectors, including me.

So now that I can continue to collect and save my Air Miles I started to fantasize about what I wanted to save up for. Read more »

window safety

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As the hot weather arrives, and our windows are open, lets take a few minutes to recognize the importance of practicing window safety.

Many people know the story of Eric Clapton’s son Conor, who at the age of 4, fell 49 stories to his death in New York City in March 1991. A maintenance worker opened a window in the apartment where Conor and his mother were staying on vacation, and Conor accidentally ran right through it. Read more »