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Why We Never Subcontract

Unlike most of our competition, we never subcontract our installations*. Our installers are our own employees who are paid by the hour and never by the opening.  We know it takes time to do the job right so this way you can be assured that we will take all the necessary time to complete your installation to your satisfaction. They use quality building materials and never cut corners to save money.


  • Pay their subcontractors by the opening – in the subcontractors’ best interest to be quick rather than pay attention to detail
  • Subcontractors have to supply their own installation materials – in the subcontractors’ best interest to use the lowest quality and lowest cost materials available
  • Reduced responsibility for job poorly done
  • Reduced costs – no Workplace Safety & Insurance Board coverage, no employee benefits, no ongoing safety training
  • Leads to loss of quality control
  • No commitment to employees nor continuity
  • One more point – if the subcontractor is not covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, nor is he/she covered with personal disability insurance, and is hurt on job site while installing a window for you, who will be held liable for his/her injuries? YOU!!

How And Why AABEN Doesn’t…

  • We are committed to our employees and their families
  • We are committed to the longevity and continuity of our staff
  • We are committed to our installation jobs from start to finish
  • We are committed to the responsibility of a job well done
  • We are committed to safety in the workplace and the community
  • We are committed to further education with our employees
  • We are committed to complete client satisfaction – we are committed to you!
Please check out our Warranty.

*Please note that finish masonry work and electrical work are sub-contracted trades employed by Aaben.

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