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Our Warranty

Below you will find the warranty that Aaben offers on all our installation jobs. Each product also carries a manufacturer’s warranty. Information on our manufacturer’s warranties can be found by clicking on a supplier’s logo anywhere on our site (which will link you directly to their page) or by speaking with an Aaben representative.

Aaben Windows & Doors Warranty on the Installation of Windows and Doors

This document provides AABEN customers with the assurance of thorough, top-quality workmanship in the installation of windows and doors, and a commitment to complete satisfaction with the finished project.

AABEN WINDOWS & DOORS warrants to the original buyer that, except as provided below:

Any defect with regard to installation, whether in materials or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced at
no charge for a five-year period beyond date of completion.

This includes but is not limited to…

1. The integrity of seal between the new frame and the rough opening.

2. The integrity of seals between the frame and sash, and between the sash and glass.

3. The secure mounting of the window or door without risk of deflection or movement, conditional on the structure also being secure (see Qualification B below).

4. Quality and durability of exterior surfaces of pre-finished cladding and flashing components.

5. Quality and fit of interior stops, trims and casings with surfaces prepared for paint or stain, according to the order.

6. Proper, pre-tested operation of handles, operators, latches and locks, free of binding and/or misalignment.

Exclusions and Qualifications

A.  This warranty does not include the manufactured product, which is warranted by the supplier company, according to its individual terms and conditions. The customer should therefore ensure that those warranties are acceptable before concluding the purchase.

B.  Deflection or movement of the structure cannot be the responsibility of AABEN, nor are the consequential damages of repair or replacement where such movement has occurred. Our installers will build in such tolerance as industry standards provide, but this is no guarantee that movement will not cause binding or breakage, beyond our control.

C.  Consequential or special damages of any nature are excluded from this warranty. All other warranties, expressed or implied are also excluded. AABEN’S liability is limited to the correction of work related to installation, and excluding any finishing not originally done by AABEN.

Jurisdiction and Warranty Claims
The transaction, including all documentation and these terms and conditions, shall be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the Province of Ontario and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario. Warranty claims and on-site services related thereto are initiated and administered solely by AABEN WINDOWS & DOORS.

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