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Featuring a vast selection of styles, shapes and colours, our windows are made from uPVC, wood, aluminum clad wood and aluminum clad uPVC, and come from the finest manufacturers in North America – Rehau by Euro Vinyl , Vinylbilt and Lepage Millwork.




Side Sliding

Picture & Fixed

Tilt & Turn

French Casement

From the dawn of civilization, people have always had the desire and the need to feel the effects of light and air in their buildings.  The earliest windows were, simply put, just holes in walls or ceilings.  They would often be covered with animal hides or cloth in order to protect inhabitants from the elements while allowing light and air to enter.

As time went on, windows were built using multiple small pieces of translucent material, such as flattened pieces of translucent animal horn or paper sheets set in frameworks of wood, iron or lead.  Around the year 100 A.D., using glassmaking techniques from Roman Egypt, ancient Romans began to use glass in windows although one couldn’t really see through the glass!  It would be another 1000 years before the window glass was transparent enough for that.

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