Swinging Doors, sliding doors, garden or french style – all of these unfamiliar terms may seem a little overwhelming. What styles are available? What is the difference between a french door and a garden door? These are all important questions. Roll over a category on your right for a brief description of the various styles available.

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Patio Door

A sliding door which has a slim line frame profile to maximize glass area.

Sliding French

A sliding door which has thicker stiles and rails to create a classic french look.

Tilt Turn Door

A dual function side hinged door system where panels may swing for entry as well as tilt for ventilation.

Swinging French

A swinging door where both panels swing to create a clear opening. This door will also have the thicker stiles and rails to create architectural appeal.

Garden Doors

A swinging door that has one fixed panel and one swinging panel.

Entry Doors

Entry door systems come in a variety of configurations. Systems that consist of a single door, door with one or two sidelites, or even with a transom are just some of the options. A multitude of decorative glass selections can also be included to create a unique appearance.

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