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Replacing windows consistently makes the top ten list of Canadian renovation projects in any given year. But what are the top trends when replacing your windows? Here is our pick for this year’s top three:

Trend - dark framesGuess what? Black is the new Black! Black window frames are the hottest design trend in windows this year. Turn on any home improvement show and you are bound to see a designer selecting this option. Houses with black window frames look extremely modern while maintaining an everyday appeal that is somehow timeless. And just like white frames, they can go with almost any colour palette. Black framed windows are versatile. When incorporating them into your design, you have a huge amount of options to work with. Black frames are available in many different styles including customized options. They can cost more than traditional white frames but you are building in a design element with every window.

You can have black window frames on the exterior of your house or the interior, or both. Just picture the exterior of your home with all new black framed windows. Talk about changing the curb appeal! It will instantly grab the attention of everyone in the neighbourhood. On the inside of your home, a black frame can add contrast to a light colour wall, define space and turns every view into a picture by framing it. Your eye is naturally drawn to these windows.

Although a whole house looks stunning when re-done in black frames, it can also be a successful design tool in just one single room – like a master bedroom or powder room. Perhaps the best reason to jump on this trend is that black window frames eliminate the need for window treatments. Unless its in the bedroom or bathroom, we are SO done with curtains, blinds and shades.

Trend - maximizing lightIt is no surprise that we put windows in our home to let in light (and air). There was a time that this was pretty much the only purpose they served. They were functional. But now they are as much a design element as operational. In fact, designers now plan whole rooms around how much (or how little) natural light comes into a room. The type of light in the room also makes a difference, for example: paint colour in a room lit by natural light and one lit artificially can actually change quite dramatically; the positioning of artwork, mirrors, and furniture are all impacted by the type of lighting in the room.

Vision is our dominant sense and aesthetically, natural lighting is the most visually pleasing. It accentuates other design elements in a room and is easiest on our eyes compared to artificial lighting.

If you are replacing windows, let the sun shine in – the more, the better. By choosing a window design with as little frame as possible you can let in more light. Different types of materials on the window frame can change the widths. Aluminum frames are one of the slimmest available but there are other ways to open up the glass area. There are hundreds of styles to choose from in a range of budgets, each with different ways to maximize sun exposure.

Positioning of windows can also have a dramatic effect on bringing natural light into a living space (the higher up on the wall that windows are placed, the further into the room the light can travel, even bringing in light without the glare that you might receive from a more direct angle).

Replacing existing windows isn’t the only way to get more natural light into your home. Sun tunnels and Skylights are other really interesting ways of adding more natural light.

A Fixed Skylight is an economical choice in areas that require no additional ventilation such as stairways, foyers and halls, while a Venting Skylight captures abundant natural light and opens for maximum fresh air.

A Sun Tunnel is a new way of letting light into your home to brighten up rooms such as hallways, laundry rooms and even closets.

No matter how you add natural light to your rooms, studies show that natural light is great for your health by supplying a good source of vitamins and mood boosting support and by helping to balance your sleep cycle. Now that’s a trend we can get behind!

What is more trendy then saving energy?! Windows that have been tripled Trend - triple glazingglazed and expertly installed, should help keep your home weatherproof and secure. Choosing quality, triple-glazed windows can result in instant as well as long-lasting benefits such as:

Excellent thermal insulation

Triple-glazed windows offer superior thermal insulation for many homes. Because of their design, windows with triple glazing ensure a very low loss of heat.

Better energy savings

In general, triple-glazed windows have a very high energy efficiency rating. They require less heat to keep the home comfortable. This allows them to lower their monthly heating bills, which is a very advantageous benefit.

More comfort in the home

In some cases, the triple glass panes of the windows provides better acoustic and sound insulation. Indeed, since these windows consist of three sheets of glass with two air spaces, they make it possible to eliminate many noises. For people who live in noisier environments, this can be very practical. This is particularly the case with some passive buildings and in specific areas of the house, such as north-facing windows.

Any trend that saves us money makes the top of our list!


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