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As I stare out my window looking at the trees that have now changed colours, I am trying to think about what to write for this latest installment of The Blog Window, but all I can think about is how beautiful and colourful the leaves look: bright red, orange, yellow, green, gold, even shades of purple, blue, magenta, tan, black and brown.

And then I see my neighbour drive up to their house and it hits me. Many of these stunning hues can now be beautifully blended into your home’s exterior (and interior) through window frames and doors.

Home owners, when ordering new windows (or doors) usually consider things like: manufacturer, energy efficiency rating, slider versus single hung versus double hung, life expectancy of the product, etc. But how many people ask: What COLOURS do they come in?

If you are a fan of home improvement TV shows, you have probably seen designers selecting black frames on new windows. Black frames are THE latest trend! So much so that they are now available in many different styles of windows, including customized options. Its popularity is understandable. A black frame can define the window area and give a modern look while blending with every style of architecture.

Here is what many people don’t know, while the latest trend is to go with black framed windows, a wide selection of pre-matched and custom colour combinations are ALSO available. Just think of all of the possibilities! Black or colour options can cost more than traditional white frames but you are building in a design element with every window. And you don’t have to sacrifice any of the important features that you were looking for in the traditional ‘white framed’ windows. Since the frames are considered design elements, many people save money on forgoing costly window treatments and even interior wall artwork!

Window frames are not the only area where colour has gained popularity within the home improvement sector. 2018 could be named ‘The Year of Colour’ in the Door Industry! You only have to check out popular online sites like Pinterest and Facebook to see what companies like ThermaTru Doors are doing in the area of colour. For other Top 2018 industry trends check out our blog:

Everyone knows you can always paint a new, standard white front door – and it is amazing what a ‘pop’ of colour can do for the curb appeal of your home – but having your door come factory painted gives many advantages. You get an industry superior finish that is scratch resistant, chemical resistant and fade resistant. It is able to withstand all types of weather including hurricane force winds! And is super easy to clean.

Painting your window’s trim can also add colour but it is very different than buying colour window frames. If fact, often it is a design choice to paint the trim a contrasting colour from the window frame colour. Another huge benefit is that you can get the look of beautiful dark wood trim without the upkeep of wood and staining by choosing a dark brown (wood grain coloured) frame. Do some research and check out some photos. Nothing compares to the look of a coloured frame – it can change the appearance of a home completely.

Curb appeal is always listed as a major factor when selling/valuing a home. Door colour is often on the list of things to improve curb appeal. We guarantee your curb appeal will be off the charts with an upgrade to colour frames!

So the question is: do you want to have the same look as everyone else on the block or are you ready for some colour?

I know my answer. I would love to enjoy a bit of Fall’s beauty every time I pull into my driveway…all year long.

fall colour in your window frame

This shows the difference that a colour window frame can have on a house’s appearance. For a complete look, the door should match the window frame colour.


fall colour in your window frame

Thermatru 2018 Door Colours –



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