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Old things can be very beautiful. This is true with old windows and doors. Unfortunately they just are not very functional or energy efficient once they get old. A client was recently lamenting to us about how much she was going to miss a particular beautiful old window we were replacing. Now, mind you, she was thrilled with the look of the new window, and even more happy with the savings she was going to see on her heating bill, but still…she was going to miss seeing that particular window that had been part of her house for decades.

That got us thinking. There must be ways to repurpose old windows and doors to keep them around in a different capacity once they no longer can serve their original purpose. Well, after a few clicks on Google, we found a couple of articles on just that subject.

So for those who are interested, here are some creative ways to reuse your old windows and doors!

1. Make great picture frames:
Old windows, with or without their glass can easily be repurposed to showcase your photos or artwork. Some glue and a hook for the back are just about all you will need. Of course you can paint or embellish your new “frame” if you want to.

2. Make a table:
Okay, so this project is a little more complicated than making a picture frame. Depending on the size you want, you can use an old door as the tabletop or a window with its glass panes intact. You can buy or make legs. You could even use two other windows as legs. Make sure to remove the glass from the “leg” windows.

3. Make a shelf:
A window mounted to the wall with brackets can make a unique shelf. Attach a set of windows horizontally to a door and make a shelving unit. You can keep the unit on the floor to store shoes or wall mount it.

4. Art Project:
If you have kids, this beats crayons and paper any day! Give each child their own window to decorate with paint, sparkles and other goodies. Once they’re finished, hang their window art on their bedroom walls.

5. Make a coat rack or key hook:
Depending on what size window you are working with and what size hooks you use, you can make a great coat rack or key hook. Just screw the hooks along the bottom of your old window and mount it on the wall near your front door. It would also work great for hanging scarves and purses, or pet leashes.

6. Make a headboard:
This can be easier than you think! Panel doors side by side or several large, decorative windows can become a beautiful headboard. They could be mounted on the wall or you may be able use your bed to hold the window between it and the wall. Just make sure you’ve removed any glass so there is no danger of it breaking while you sleep.

7. Make a chalkboard:
One of the coolest things you can find in a paint store is something called chalkboard paint. It turns any surface into an area you can write on with a piece of chalk (and it erases easily as well). You will want to use a window with a single pane of glass. Remember to tape the outsides of the window so that you don’t get paint on them when painting the glass with the chalkboard paint.

8. Make a serving tray:
Why purchase a serving tray when you can easily make one that is filled with character and can be customized any way you like. It can be used to pass around drinks at a party or for breakfast in bed. Simply add two handles and you are good to go. Make sure the glass in your window is very secure, with no chips or cracks.

9. Make a room divider:
A couple of doors hinged together make a charmingly rustic and movable room divider. With or without glass panes, paint or decorate to match your room’s decor.

10. Make mini greenhouses:
This is probably the most challenging of the DIY projects we came across. But it seemed so amazing and useful that we had to share it. Here is a link to an article that gives step by step instructions on how to make your own mini green house!


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