window safety

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As the hot weather arrives, and our windows are open, lets take a few minutes to recognize the importance of practicing window safety.

Many people know the story of Eric Clapton’s son Conor, who at the age of 4, fell 49 stories to his death in New York City in March 1991. A maintenance worker opened a window in the apartment where Conor and his mother were staying on vacation, and Conor accidentally ran right through it. Read more »

Creating beautiful things from old doors and windows.

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Old things can be very beautiful. This is true with old windows and doors. Unfortunately they just are not very functional or energy efficient once they get old. A client was recently lamenting to us about how much she was going to miss a particular beautiful old window we were replacing. Now, mind you, she was thrilled with the look of the new window, and even more happy with the savings she was going to see on her heating bill, but still…she was going to miss seeing that particular window that had been part of her house for decades.

That got us thinking. There must be ways to repurpose old windows and doors to keep them around in a different capacity once they no longer can serve their original purpose. Well, after a few clicks on Google, we found a couple of articles on just that subject.

So for those who are interested, here are some creative ways to reuse your old windows and doors! Read more »