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1. Are your installers professional on-staff carpenters or are your installers sub-contractors?
2. Does your sales staff work on commission?
3. Does your company have WSIB coverage and liability insurance to protect me from any liabilities?
4. Does your company have a solid reputation with a list of many satisfied customers that I can contact? Is it financially in good standing?
5. Are your windows CSA Certified and Energy Star qualified? Energy efficient windows must meet certain criteria in order to pass.
6. Is the type of installation being quoted a Retro Fit or Complete Full Frame Removal?
7. Is the quotation an estimate or the final price to be invoiced?
8. Do you have a service department to send someone out should I have a problem with my new doors or windows?
9. Who will be able to speak with me regarding my project once we begin? Will there only be one person familiar with my account or will anyone be able to help me?
10. Are you members of any major associations like Kingston Home Builders Association, Kingston Construction Association, Chamber of Commerce, and Better Business Bureau?

Bonus Question: Do you warranty the installation work in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the product?

A typical window will last up to twenty years or more. Whether you are replacing one window, completely renovating your home, or building a new home, the decision to purchase new windows is an important one.

Before selecting a company to purchase and install your new windows, make sure you do your research on the company first, and remember to ask these important questions.

FYI: You may wonder why our number 1 question has to do with sub-contractors. Check out our blog article to find out Why We Never Subcontract.


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