Aaben Windows and Doors takes the safety of our employees and our customers very seriously. We’ve updated our protocols to include the following:

Contactless Home Appointments:

With a focus on safety, we are enabling you to schedule an estimate appointment in two different ways.

i. We can come to your home and enter it, maintaining physical distancing while wearing a non-surgical mask. From there, we would perform our measurements and inspect the existing windows, doors and/or skylights, asking and answering any pertinent questions.

ii. We can come to your home and measure your windows, doors or skylights from the exterior and ask you pertinent questions at the time of the appointment or by sending you the questions via email post-appointment.

Prior to scheduling your appointment, we’ll confirm that no one in your household is sick, quarantined or currently experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19. We’ll also confirm that all members of the household have not been exposed to an individual who has been confirmed to have COVID-19 or presumed to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

(Please note that if a customer accepts our quote and wishes to proceed, we may require that a member of our team enters your home to confirm production measurements. This will be done while respecting physical distancing and maintaining proper safety protocols.)

Showroom protocols:

i. We’ll be performing regular cleaning, with disinfectant, of high touch traffic areas such as, but not limited to, bannisters, showroom samples, credit card machine, handles and cranks.
ii. We’ll allow no more than 10 customers in the showroom at any one time.
iii. We’ll follow all recommended hand hygiene measures and have hand sanitizer on hand.
iv. Our staff have been provided with non-surgical masks that they’ll wear on request.
v. We ask that you sign in when visiting. This has nothing to do with marketing! This is our little bit that we can do with respect to contact tracing.
vi. We’ll practice social distancing as much as possible and ask that you do so as well.

In-Home Installation protocols:

i. Carpenters have been provided with non-surgical masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.
ii. Carpenters will be practicing social distancing as much as possible and ask that you do so as well. This means that we must ask you to refrain from entering any rooms in your home where our carpenters are working. Our staff is always happy to answer questions while installing. We just ask that you do it from a distance.

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