The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented all of us with many new challenges we’ve never had to face. The latest one to affect Aaben Windows and Doors was in deciding whether to remain open or not. After Mr. Ford’s announced closure to non-essential business, we found ourselves in the construction business category, allowing us to continue to operate. This gave me some pause for thought.

However, I’ve decided that the best move for all affected is to temporarily close business operations effective immediately. I’m pleased to advise that there have been no layoffs. All front office staff as well as all carpenters will continue to be paid over the next several weeks. My staff is a part of my family and the thought of any of them being without a paycheque kills me.

It’s important for everyone to know that we are a strong company that will persevere and overcome this nasty hurdle that’s been thrown our way. By working together, we’ll overcome this pandemic too.

Thank you for your understanding and your continuing support. I wish you and yours the best for your health. I look forward to opening back up for regular business as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Michael Braby

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