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We love architecture, especially windows and doors. Whenever we travel we find ourselves photographing them! Thankfully we aren’t alone in our appreciation of this, dare we say, art form. Friends also photograph stunning buildings, windows and doors on their vacations and occasionally we ask for their photos to share (as we did here – thanks Deneen Amarante for permission to use your wonderful photos in this blog).

The architecture in Europe is among of our favourite. How can it not be? Europe contains some of the oldest countries in the world! And we are talking “ancient civilizations’’ old! Some countries date back to 301 CE. It is almost hard to imagine something so old when our own country, Canada, is only a mere 152 years old.

Spain is a beautiful country full of beautiful scenery and people. It is famous all over the world for its architecture, ranked only behind Italy as having the most protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. (See our post about some of Italy’s most beautiful windows and doors).

Architecture in Spain is an exotic mix of early Moorish influences, European trends, and surreal modernism. These photos tend to be examples of the former styles and not the latter, although the photo highlighting the skylights in the Madrid Airport is a stunning example of modernism in design!

We hope you like these photos as much as we do. Remember to enjoy the scenery wherever you are, and use Air Miles Reward Miles to help get you there!

Madrid Airport
Photo Credit: photongatherer/ Flickr

Designed by British architect Richard Rogers and Partners, the building with a roof formed by undulating curves won the 2006 Sterling Prize.

Door Photos, Madrid, Spain
Photo Credit: Deneen Amarante


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