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Many people think that the presence of condensation on new windows means they are not working correctly. This is not the case. In fact, it is the opposite. When you have new windows & doors installed you are basically tightening up any holes that were present with your old windows/doors. Now the humidity inside your home has lost its escape route to the outside world. When you see condensation on your new windows, you are actually seeing proof that your new windows/doors are energy efficient and have eliminated air leakage points throughout your home.

There are a few simple things you can do to eliminate or cut down on the amount of condensation forming on your windows.

1. Reduce the relative humidity setting in your home

2. Regularly open your windows to let the humidity escape outside

3. Use a dehumidifier in your home to greatly reduce the humidity

4. Windows in and around kitchens and bathrooms tend to collect the most condensation. Use exhaust fans in these rooms.

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